Dedham Natural Wonders came to exist in 2011 when I started hanging out with some nature geeks in the Blue Hills – mucking around in vernal pools, volunteering with some invasive species management projects, and learning about plants, bugs, salamanders, fungi, and other cool things. I started exploring Dedham’s open spaces and found wetlands, forests, swamps, and meadows, and I wanted to learn more about these habitats and the biodiversity in the town where I live, so a friend encouraged me to plan a BioBlitz in Dedham.

It turns out that Dedham is much more than just box stores and car dealerships; more than highways, parking lots, and malls. Hidden behind all that concrete and asphalt are some beautiful open spaces with diverse plant and animal life. The Dedham Species Checklist began as a list of observations from the 2011 BioBlitz, and I have updated it since then with personal observations and data from many other sources; the list now has more than 1,100 species of flora and fauna.

My hope is that Dedham residents and visitors to the town will gain awareness of the natural resources available to them and will take action to protect and preserve what remains for future generations.