Dedham Town Forest

The Dedham Town Forest is nestled between the northbound and southbound lanes of route 128 (I-95). There is only one way to access the Town Forest – a gate on route 1A just south of the intersection of Fay Road and Washington Street. I recommend parking on Fay Road and walking to the entrance. Once you go through the gate, you will stroll down a chain link fence corridor, about 10 feet wide and almost a quarter of a mile long, before the forest opens up.

Don’t mind the traffic noise, you will forget about it completely when you begin to explore this fascinating place. After crossing the poison ivy patch, stay to the left and walk gently as you pass through an area covered with reindeer lichen. Look for the leaves and a few remaining stems from the abundant population of lady’s slippers.

You will want to wear long pants and boots. There is an area of poison ivy near the beginning of the walk. If you are particularly sensitive, you might want to wear gaiters. Ticks are abundant at some times of the year, but have not been too bad with the summer heat. Still, I strongly recommend doing a thorough tick check. Bring plenty of water and snacks.

What you might see: trees, wildflowers, lichens, ferns, shrubs, snakes, frogs, salamanders, bones

Town Forest Access
How to get into the Dedham Town Forest