The sight of a red-tailed hawk stops me in my tracks – every time. I literally have to pull over if I am driving, or stop and catch my breath if I am walking and I see one up close.  There has been quite a bit of hawk activity in my super-suburban neighborhood in recent weeks, including two or three red-shouldered hawks engaging in some kind of territory/turf establishment, and there are a couple red-tailed hawk “regulars” who seem to annoy the crap out of the red-shouldered hawks. This morning, two hawks were hanging out at Oakdale Elementary School and they were still there after I ran home to get my camera. I’m pretty sure these are juvenile red-tailed hawks, but if I’m wrong, I hope someone will correct me. I took 162 photos and managed to whittle the list down to just 41 on my computer. I think I’l share 9 or 10 here. If you look closely at the 5th picture down, you’ll notice that I got a shot of the hawk blinking.

hawk back side

hawk turning to look at me

hawk i see you
hawk eyes open

Made you blink!
Made you blink!


Hawk turning to lookHawk looking at meHawk looking straight at me Hawk flying away SONY DSC