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To learn more about Dedham Natural Wonders, please contact Stephanie Radner by email at steph@dinosaur13.com.

You can find an in-progress list of Dedham’s flora and fauna HERE. You can help catalog the wildlife in Dedham by sending me your observations. I’d be happy to help you identify anything you find. If you take a picture, send it to my email address above, or post it on the Dedham Natural Wonders facebook page. If you want to try to ID something on your own, here are some of my favorite resources.

Field guides – This is a partial list of my own collection of field guides. If anyone is interested in borrowing one, let me know. It’s not easy to find specialized field guides in libraries or book stores, but it can be a lot of fun and educational to go out and play with one for an afternoon.

Local organizations
Mass Audubon
New England Wild Flower Society

GoBotany – Simple and Full key identification of vascular plants of New England, as well as more technical dichotomous (taxonomical) key using more technical terminology

BugGuide – All bugs in the United States: this site can be tricky, you sometimes need to know a bit about your bug before you start looking. I highly recommend doing a basic google search with the very obvious characteristics first (e.g. red black beetle). If you happen to know the plant that it is on, that can be incredibly helpful (e.g. orange bug elderberry). Neither of those searches will get much out of BugGuide.net (except maybe a hearty round of laughter from some of the moderators), but google will drop you right on the target.

Don Lubin’s Ferns – This is a simple site with just a few photos of the common species of ferns found in New England. Don is a local fern expert who leads walks in the area and I highly recommend joining a walk if you see his name on the program.

Urban Nature Walk – Dedham resident Jef Taylor leads these walks on the last Sunday of (almost) every month. Join this facebook group if you are interested in going on on of his walks. Jef has an amazing amount of knowledge about an amazing number of things. You will learn much from him. His walks tend to attract other people who also know a lot about a lot of stuff. Exponential growth of smartness.

More to come.