Online plant ID tool created by the Native Plant Trust for more than 3,000 native and naturalized plants found in New England

Citizen science app used to document wildlife and plant observations and help with identification

Organization focused on native New England plants; education programs (botany and horticulture), native plant monitoring and protection

Identification, images and information for insects, spiders and their kin in the United States and Canada

Local organization offering educational programs, talks, native plant sales, online resources.

Photos and info about Eastern MA vascular plants, invasive species, and checklists for local conservation areas.

Great plant website with education, plant ID, and horticulture resources.

Great plant website; many plants that are native in our area are also native in Texas and southern species are becoming naturalized where we live.

Local group that has lots of knowledge about and experience with herps (amphibians and reptiles).

Great site created by local fern expert Don Lubin with photos, ID keys, and natural history info about ferns and other pteridophytes (club-mosses, horsetails, and more).

Dedham resident Jef Taylor leads walks in urban areas on the last Sunday of each month. Join the Urban Nature Walk facebook group to participate.

I know – the name of this site is Dedham Natural Wonders – however, I have yet to come across any blog, website, or facebook page that more closely parallels my own discoveries and interests than this blog. I wish I had the skill set to write a blog, but I just don’t. The good news is that I don’t need those skills because EVERYTHING I would write is already written in this blog. Seriously, it’s like the things I see are recorded and written down for me.
BugTracks is a unique nature blog written by naturalist and author Charley Eiseman. He sees things in nature that most people never notice. Once you start to notice these things, the natural world seems to expand by orders of magnitude. Eiseman is co-author of one of my favorite field guides, Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates which I like to think of as a field guide to minutiae. It is available for purchase on his website:
My own observations on facebook!

Field Guides

Click here for a partial list of my own collection of field guides. If anyone is interested in borrowing one, let me know. It’s not easy to find specialized field guides in libraries or book stores and they can be quite expensive, but it’s a lot of fun and educational to play with one for an afternoon.

Dedham Resources

Massachusetts Resources