Two Weeks

We are one week into what started as a one-day long school closure to thoroughly clean the schools after a parent came in contact with someone who may have been exposed to COVID 19. That message came on Friday March 13 at noon. By 7PM on the same day, schools were closed for TWO WEEKS. Two days later, the Governor ordered all schools in the state closed for at least three weeks.

At this point we are all keeping our distance from each other, working or playing at home, going out for walks but being careful to stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else. Online opportunities are endless – dance lessons, concerts, scavenger hunts, ivy league classes. We can buy almost anything online (except toilet paper … WHY???? … or soap) and pick up food from our favorite restaurants.

What’s really cool is that we can go into the woods and look under rocks and check out what’s starting to bloom. It’s early, so there’s not much out there yet, but here’s what I’ve seen so far.

I want to go back outside and flip some more rocks so my IDs will be brief and tentative: redback salamander, hibernating queen bald-faced hornet, staining polypore (maybe blue), club-moss, partridge berry, round snail and millipede. There’s only one thing I’ve seen that I can’t ID, possibly a non-native brought on a ship from Ireland back in 1847. Very unusual.